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Therapy Rooms for Hire in Ealing and Kilburn

New Programmes for the academic year 2008/2009:

New and expanded Continuing Professional Development Programme 2008/2009 including a recent synopsis (2005) of Chiron work within the field of Body Psychotherapy

New Open Programme 2008/2009 for general public, clients in counselling or therapy and helping professionals

Biodynamic Massage Training

Another 2-day conference with Babette Rothschild Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November 2008, 9.00 am to 5.30 pm at St Peter's Church Hall, Mount Park Road, Ealing, London W5

New Chiron Book "Contemporary Body Psychotherapy - The Chiron Approach"

(Still relevant) Announcement: Basic Training discontinued since 2005 - no further intakes

New Papers and Articles by Chiron Staff and Therapists

Ordering books through amazon.co.uk

New Training Year

Welcome to the Training Year 2008/2009. All the relevant information has been updated.

For practitioners of counselling or psychotherapy, please investigate our Continuing Professional Development Programme, which offers various possibilities for learning about our approach and how to integrate into your own way of working.

Our 'Open Programme' is designed for the general public and the helping professions as an introduction to our work.

Most of our brochures are now available as Acrobat Reader (.pdf) files which means that anybody with a PC or a Mac can download the brochures in printer-friendly format. They are the same brochures which we would otherwise send to you in the post.

PLEASE NOTE:Announcement: Basic Training discontinued since 2005 - no further intakes

We regret to inform you that Chiron is no longer running the Basic Training Programme (Years 1 to 3), and is taking no further applicants for Psychotherapy Training Modules. We do still offer our Open Programme, Continuing Professional Development Programme and Massage Training.

If you are interested in training specifically as a Body Psychotherapist, there are two options, one in London and one in Cambridge:

  1. the London School for Biodynamic Psychology at www.lsbp.org.uk
  2. the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre at www.cbpc.org.uk


For those of you who have not heard it, we are not having further intakes for our Basic Training Programme. We have been making this decision public since April 2003. The statement below summarises this rather important news for anybody wanting to gain certification and a diploma through our training.

After 20 years of running Chiron, Bernd Eiden and Jochen Lude want to move towards the possibility of working less. After exploring the various possibilities, we have come to a decision regarding the future of Chiron. This is the statement we have put out:

Bernd and Jochen were interviewed for the AChP newsletter last year, where they gave their reflections and reminiscences about the development of Chiron over the last 20 years. They have edited that interview into an article which may be of interest to you - it's called 'The Story of Chiron', and it is included in our articles pages.


Chiron's 20th anniversary party, held on October 4th 2003, was a great success and an enjoyable event, with students, ex-students and staff and ex-staff coming together, many of them from far afield (Ireland, Scotland, Germany). For those of you who missed it, we have put some pictures up (taken by Doron Levene).

New Chiron Book "Contemporary Body Psychotherapy - The Chiron Approach"

This new book, edited by Linda Hartley, is to be published soon (August 2008) - contact us for your discounted copy (20%). It gives and overview and summarises the last 25 years of Chiron's development and our approach.

Contemporary Body Psychotherapy


New articles:

This section will be up-dated during the autumn, to include articles and papers written over the last 18 months.

A book on Body Psychotherapy, edited by Nick Totton, was published in September 2005, called "New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy", with contributions by Michael Soth ("Embodied Countertransference" - extracts on his website) and Roz Carroll.

We have been to a few conferences lately where our presentations were well received.

You can now find Shoshi Asheri's and Tom Warnecke's presentations to the Chiron Association AGM's of the last two years on the articles page:

Shoshi Asheri: Erotic Desire in the Therapy Room: Dare we Embody it? Can we Afford not to? (also presented to UKCP 2004)

Tom Warnecke: The Borderline Experience - a Somatic Perspective

Jochen Lude has written a chapter on Body Psychotherapy for the book ‘Humanistic Approach to Psychotherapy’ by Eric Whitton, 2003, London, Whurr Publishers: An Application of Body Psychotherapy

At the 2004 UKCP Conference 'About A Body - working with the embodied mind in psychotherapy' in Cambridge, UK, Michael gave a presentation entitled: What therapeutic hope for a subjective mind in an objectified body? - the full and edited text can be found on the articles page.

Bernd gave a talk on "Can the profession of psychotherapy afford to be untouched any longer? - The Use of Touch in Psychotherapy." We have put his presentation up with the other articles.

Michael was asked some time ago to write an article for the European Journal for Counselling, Psychotherapy and Health, in response to a case presentation by Maggie Turp (who identifies as a post-modern psychodynamic practitioner in the tradition of Winnicott, paying particular attention to the 'indwelling of the psyche in the soma'). Michael's article "What does working with the body mean?" is an in-depth critique of this analytic case presentation both from an analytic AND an holistic point of view, and it establishes quite clearly the differences and what 'working with the body' relationally might mean.

Michael also had an article published in Self & Society on the "Paradoxes in Psychotherapy" where in one section he has included elements of the teaching from the third year module 'Charge in the therapeutic relationship', i.e. a version of the 'five parallel relationships', simplified down to three. Something went wrong in the communication with the editors (emails, Xmas break, etc), and they published a not-quite-finished version of the paper. You can find the correct version on our articles page.

Another recent addition to our articles is a paper by Lavinia Gomez, on object relations colleague, who has published an interesting and useful article on the relationship between humanistic and psychodynamic approaches: "HUMANISTIC OR PSYCHODYNAMIC - what is the difference and do we have to make a choice ?" Michael has written a brief response to it, taking Gomez's formulations as a springboard to clarify an holistic, body/mind perspective on the same issues.

We are proud to let you know that the announced book "Advances in Body Psychotherapy", edited by Tree Staunton, and with several contributions by Chiron therapists, has been published, and you can buy it from Chiron directly at a discounted price (20% discount = £13.60 + £1.40 p&p = £15.00 - overseas postage costs extra). Click here for pictures of the front and back of the book.


Making Trauma Therapy Safer: The Psychophysiology of Trauma & PTSD:



Babette Rothschild

Making Trauma Therapy Safer: The Psychophysiology of Trauma & PTSD

Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November 2008

9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: St Peter's Church Hall, Mount Park Road, Ealing, London W5

download leaflet and application form



This event is a unique opportunity to become acquainted with Babette Rothschild’s approach to trauma. Further details about Babette's work ...


Ordering books through amazon.co.uk

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'New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy' edited by Nick Totton

with contributions from various Chiron staff members



'Body Psychotherapy' edited by Tree Staunton

with contributions from various Chiron staff members