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PLEASE NOTE: The Chiron Centre closed in September 2010.

For up-to-date information on Body Psychotherapy, to find a qualified Body Psychotherapist and for enquiries regarding training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), please refer to our professional association CABP.

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The Chiron Centre is a private institute in West London, offering a variety of psychotherapy services to the public as well as advanced training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for practitioners. Chiron has been a member of UKCP, the national association of psychotherapists in the UK, since the early days of that association. We fulfil a unique role in providing a focus for the further development of Body Psychotherapy as a holistic, humanistic, integrative and relational approach. We bring together the rich tradition of body-oriented approaches developed since the 1930's (originating in the work of Wilhelm Reich) with a variety of modern therapeutic schools in the spirit of the 'wounded healer'. For important recent news about our programmes, visit What's New.

Upcoming Events ...

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme for practitioners 2009/2010

including synopsis of Chiron work within the field of Body Psychotherapy

New Open Programme '09/'10

for the general public & helping professionals

Body Psychotherapy Groups

Introductory weekends
Professional, one-year

Biodynamic Massage Training

May 2010

new Babette Rothschild

2-day teaching conference

Making Trauma Therapy Safer: The Psychophysiology of Trauma & PTSD

Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd May 2010


New Chiron Book: "Contemporary Body Psychotherapy - The Chiron Approach", edited by Linda Hartley, to be published soon (August 2008)

Body Psychotherapy - is it for you ?

Body Psychotherapy - is it for you ?

This page describes our service to the public, for individual work in body psychotherapy and biodynamic massage as well as group psychotherapy. If you are interested in our approach, the usual procedure would be for you to arrange an initial interview with one of our senior therapists. You will have the opportunity for an hour to discuss your reasons for coming to therapy, assess your needs and voice any preferences for the kind of therapist you are looking for. Amongst the more than 50 therapists working in the centres and another 70 working throughout London and the rest of the UK, we can usually find somebody suitable to recommend.

About the Centre:

  • History of the Centre
  • Activities of the Centre
  • Chiron within the field of Psychotherapy

About the Centre:

This page describes the history of the Centre since its foundation in 1983, and gives you a more detailed overview over our activities. .

About our Approach:

About our Approach:

This page gives some background to the name of the Centre and the Greek mythological figure it derives from. It also contains an accessible, relatively jargon-free description of our approach to psychotherapy "About Our Work", written in the early days of the Centre, and of more than historical interest as many of our basic principles, especially in terms of our understanding of the role of the body in psychotherapy, were originally set out in this booklet. A more technical overview of our approach, written in the 1990's, is contained in our Training Prospectus. A more recent formulation of how the Chiron approach has developed over the last 2 decades can be found in the Introduction to our Advanced Programme.

Open Programme

Open Programme:

Our Open Programme consists of a variety of workshops and events, either applying the Chiron approach to a variety of needs, settings and specialitites, or drawing on other holistic therapies to complement our work. The Open Programme also includes Introductory Weekends to Biodynamic Massage which are recommended for prospective students of our Biodynamic Massage Training, as well as weekly Body Psychotherapy groups running throughout the year on a term-by-term basis.

Training Programmes:

PLEASE NOTE: We regret to inform you that Chiron is no longer running the Basic Training Programme (Years 1 to 3), and is taking no further applicants for Psychotherapy Training Modules. We do still offer our Open Programme, Continuing Professional Development Programme and Massage Training.

If you are interested in training as a Body Psychotherapist, there are two options, one in London and one in Cambridge:

  1. the London School for Biodynamic Psychology at
  2. the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre at
For further details, see WHAT'S NEW

Training Programmes (2005):

This section contains the bulk of the information on this site, relating to our main activity, the professional training in Body Psychotherapy. The Training Prospectus (written in the mid-1990's) is a comprehensive description of our approach and the training, including a detailed syllabus of the various modules. The Training Booklet is a shortened, more readable version of the prospectus, recommended as an introduction to the training, and designed as an initial summary for prospective students.Although we no longer offer these modules, we have left them on the site for general interest.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme

The Continuing Professional Development Programme is a collection of training events for practising counsellors and therapists, open both to Chiron therapists and to colleagues from other approaches who want to deepen and expand their understanding and skills. We have responded specifically to requests for workshops from counsellors and therapists who want to include awareness of their own and the client's body, and the relevance of non-verbal communication and a body/mind perspective to the relational process, in their work.Throughout the programme, you will find an experiential, holistic approach to therapists' continuing development, deepening and expanding your own approach and style whilst integrating cutting-edge neuroscientific insights and relational ways of working which integrate the body, providing psychotherapeutic models and techniques for the 21st century.


Recent Articles:

This page contains recent writings by Chiron therapists, presented here in vaguely historical order for your interest and to generate discussion and feedback.

Click here for information about the book: "Contemporary Body Psychotherapy, edited by Linda Hartley, all chapters written by Chiron therapists

Click here for information about the book: "Body Psychotherapy, edited by Tree Staunton, with several articles by Chiron staff

Click here for information about the book: "New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy, edited by Nick Totton, with several articles by Chiron staff

Recent Articles:

  1. Can the profession of psychotherapy afford to be untouched any longer ? by Bernd Eiden
  2. "Psychotherapy: paradoxes, pitfalls & potential" by Michael Soth
  3. Brief Symptom-Focussed Psychotherapy: Key techniques for working with psychosomatic symptoms by Margaret Landale
  4. "Biodynamic Massage - an Introduction" by Fred Macnicol
  5. “Humanistic or psychodynamic - what is the difference and do we have to make a choice ?” by Lavinia Gomez - Self & Society Vol. 31 No.6 Feb/Mar 2004
  6. "Integrating humanistic techniques into a transference-countertransference perspective" by Michael Soth: a response to ‘Humanistic or psychodynamic - what is the difference and do we have to make a choice ?’ by Lavinia Gomez
  7. Word .doc download: What therapeutic hope for a subjective mind in an objectified body? by Michael Soth: a presentation at the UKCP conference 'About A Body' September 2004
  8. An Application of Body Psychotherapy by Jochen Lude in: ‘Humanistic Approach to Psychotherapy’ by Eric Whitton, 2003, London, Whurr Publishers)
  9. The Borderline Experience - a Somatic Perspective presentation by Tom Warnecke to AChP
  10. The 'Relating Cure' - a 21st century body/mind approach to the psychology of psychosomatic symptoms and physical illness - Penny Gray puts questions to Michael Soth
  11. Current Body Psychotherapy - an integral-relational approach for the 21st century? Michael Soth's article in 'Therapy Today'
  12. Embodied Countertransference - excerpts from Michael Soth's chapter in Nick Totton's book "New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy"
  13. "How the wound enters the consulting room ..." by Michael Soth
  14. The influence of Wilhelm Reich’s work on psychotherapy by Bernd Eiden
  15. How close do I get to my clients - Dave Tune's chapter in “Key Issues in Counselling in Action” Ed: W. Dryden, Pub: Sage.

Related Sites:


Related Sites:

These are the beginnings of our collection of related sites, engaged with Body Psychotherapy specifically, and psychotherapy more generally. If you want to be included, please email us.

The Chiron Association of Body Psychotherapy (CABP, formerly the Association of Chiron Psychotherapists (AChP) is the professional body for all our graduates, providing a point of contact to the public and a network for members.

For more details about other organisations, please visit this page.




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