This page contains recent writings by Chiron therapists, presented here for your interest and to generate discussion and feedback.
  1. "The Use of Touch" by Bernd Eiden
  2. Can the profession of psychotherapy afford to be untouched any longer ? by Bernd Eiden
  3. "Relating to and with the objectified Body" by Michael Soth
  4. "The History of Body Psychotherapy - An Overview" by Bernd Eiden
  5. "The History of Biodynamic Massage" - a talk by Bernd Eiden
  6. "The Story of Chiron" - from an interview with Bernd Eiden & Jochen Lude
  7. "The Body in Counselling" by Michael Soth
  8. "The Motoric (Muscular) Ego - What we can learn from the parallel and paradoxical functions of both muscle and ego" - by Roz Carroll
  9. "Authentic Movement: Embodying the Individual and the Collective Psyche" by Roz Carroll
  10. "Hamlet, and the Somatic Metaphor" by Roz Carroll
  11. "Massage and Psychotherapy: Mapping a Landscape" by Roz Carroll
  12. "What does 'working with the body' mean ? - A Response to Maggie Turp's Case Presentation" by Michael Soth
  13. "Psychotherapy: paradoxes, pitfalls & potential" by Michael Soth
  14. Brief Symptom-Focussed Psychotherapy: Key techniques for working with psychosomatic symptoms by Margaret Landale
  15. "Biodynamic Massage - an Introduction" by Fred Macnicol
  16. “Humanistic or psychodynamic - what is the difference and do we have to make a choice ?” by Lavinia Gomez - Self & Society Vol. 31 No.6 Feb/Mar 2004
  17. "Integrating humanistic techniques into a transference-countertransference perspective" by Michael Soth: a response to ‘Humanistic or psychodynamic - what is the difference and do we have to make a choice ?’ by Lavinia Gomez
  18. What therapeutic hope for a subjective mind in an objectified body? by Michael Soth: a presentation at the UKCP conference 'About A Body' September 2004
  19. An Application of Body Psychotherapy by Jochen Lude in: ‘Humanistic Approach to Psychotherapy’ by Eric Whitton, 2003, London, Whurr Publishers)
  20. The Borderline Experience - a Somatic Perspective presentation by Tom Warnecke to AChP
  21. The 'Relating Cure' - a 21st century body/mind approach to the psychology of psychosomatic symptoms and physical illness - Penny Gray puts questions to Michael Soth
  22. Current Body Psychotherapy - an integral-relational approach for the 21st century? Michael Soth's article in 'Therapy Today'
  23. Embodied Countertransference - excerpts from Michael Soth's chapter in Nick Totton's book "New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy"
  24. "How the wound enters the consulting room ..." by Michael Soth
  25. The influence of Wilhelm Reich’s work on psychotherapy by Bernd Eiden
  26. How close do I get to my clients - Dave Tune's chapter in “Key Issues in Counselling in Action” Ed: W. Dryden, Pub: Sage.